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Who Doesn’t Love Movies? Things That Define You Are A True Movie Buff

Only a movie buff can understand the pain of being a movie buff. We cry, smile, whine and share all the emotions as donned by the actors on screen. We know the pain of heartbreak and the tricks of revenge that the scriptwriter has carefully crafted. We talk choreography, cinematography, direction, acting, editing, scripting et al.

We are the league of movie goers who are called buffs, The Movie Buffs!

Here are some characteristics we Movie Buffs relate with:

  1. What is that big deal with first day first show? Yes it is a big deal, we have been waiting for it since time immemorial.
  2. No Spoilers please – it will develop our hatred towards you. While it is just a movie for you, for us it is a suspense that is best narrated while we watch the movie
  3. Stop being a movie critic. You call it dark, slow, Bollywood tarka…. We buffs find something good in every movie.
  4. We are skilled metaphoric. You just watch for entertainment. We find the metaphors, philosophy and answer to some twisted ideology!
  5. Stop your commentary and focus. We will not pay attention to your chatter while we are watching movie. And if you do not stop, you may face a life threat!
  6. Who needs a company to watch a movie? I can go solo to a movie hall.


  7. We have a movie suggestion for your every mood.
  8. Box Office is just commerce. We do not go by box office ratings.


  9. We can watch our favorite ones again and again.
  10. We believe whatever happens on the screen happens in real. We love melodrama, overacting, bad acting, and everything cinema!

What’s your type?