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What The Heck Actually Goes On Inside The Girls Bathroom? Secrets Revealed!

Need attention of all the males out there… (Eager divas also invited!)

Have you ever thought why do girls insist on always going to the bathroom in pairs? Here are some honest confessions as quoted by girls…


  1. “We don’t want to feel alone with our feelings…even for a second !”

  1. “Talk it out about all the things that this ‘Zalim duniya‘ calls gossip…. it’s like our emotional flush out moments.. along with actual..Oops” 😛

  1. Bitching about other girls- “Saali ka muh noch lungi agar mere bf ke sath flirt kiya toh !”

  1. “Someone to hold the door. Do you realize how many women restroom stall doors do not have a real lock?!”

  1. “That’s our headquarters… that’s where we have meetings parallel to mirror.”

  1. “We talk about boys, boys and…. more boys!”

  1. “All our makeup tutorials are exchanged here”

  1. “Our very own Selfies… some of the best ones we get there.. ” 🙂

  1. “We plot our getaway plan… in case one of us is badly hurt and in tears. Reason can be anything… including you”

  1. “Omg! am I under dressed? just look how much bling Neha is wearing.”

  1. “You know… we are not safe even in a girl’s washroom.. we need security here too.”

  1. Of course the ramp walks..mmuuaah!

  1. Learning how to pout…”coz that’s the way ahaan ahaan!”

  1.  “We always leave our boy alone and confused.. so he thinks about us even more! Aren’t we clever?!” 😛

Boys here you go… everything you wanted to know about girls and their bathroom secrets.
Girls..we know the list is actually endless! But are we missing on something important?? Do let us know. We will include it in our tini-mini list with your credentials!


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