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10 reasons why it is cool to be a Girl!

As a guy friend puts it, all girls are beautiful – I could not agree more. I find it fun to be a girl! I bring to you top reasons to celebrate girlhood!

1. We know the difference between crimson and red. And yes it is a big deal!


2. Your sweat is sweet – No body will whine when you take off your shoes.


3. Language was invented to woo us – All huge inventions are for our ease, such as Lipstic, Kohl, Make Up….


4. Give us a great pair of shoes and we can conquer the world. P.S – shoes can be anything high heels, sports shoes, flip-flops….


5. Our lives is all about variety. Our wardrobe is full of many choices – Denim, Khadi, Anarkali, Leather….. Wide variety of hair styles too!



6. We own upto our feelings. We do not carry a mask to hide our feelings – we cry, we smile, we frown, we smirk!


7. We invite generosity. Random strangers are helpful to us.



8. We do not need to reserve a day to shop – We are always shopping ready!



9. We do not boast about our stuff. Our knowledge, our gadgets, and our quick fixes come out when they are required. Are you thinking makeup? Cm’on do not deprive us of oxygen now!







10. Boyfriend’s Jacket Factor – You can look chic, even in borrowed partner’s clothes!



Now quickly type in the comment box what you find cool about Girls!