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Reasons You Can’t Stop Falling In Love With Someone Who Makes You Feel Special !

Being a perfect, strong individual is what we all aim to become. But that strong one even melts when he/she have someone special in their life. The one who makes you feel wanted, loved and takes care of you as a part of their own. Whose perfume’s scent is enough to give you the adrenaline rush of the day or a subtle hand around the waist is something you wait for. The best part about being in love is that you don’t know when it happens and when it does there is no explanation to it. And that’s how it makes our life more worth living.

Here, we give you few reasons why it’s just perfect to be in love :
1. You know you always have someone to talk to at any hour of the day.

2. You can pour your heart out without having second thoughts about being judged.

3. It’s the only relation where fights add more to your love life.

4. Where you find imperfections in life, there is one person who is just perfect for you.

5. You don’t ever need to worry about ýour weekend plans anymore. You are always sorted.

6. The feeling just get a lil more high when your friends and family even approve of him/her.

7. You always have butterflies even for the smallest of things. “Oh baby! We completed a month today! :*”

8. You are content with the thought that you have someone waiting for you, for your text or call.

9. You get to see a new side of yours. You discover your strengths and weaknesses and get a closer look at yourself.

10. When being rational is not your cup of tea, the pampered kid in you has a company too.

11. You don’t mind sharing your stuff anymore. From his t-shirts to his pajamas, it’s all yours!

12. For just one smile of your partner, you don’t mind mending your ways of life. “Let’s not go out today and spend some time together.”



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