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News Channels Ka BAAP – India TV. You Will Die Laughing Once You See These!

While India TV has delivered some mind-boggling and ‘entertaining’ news, here we present some of the amazingly funny ones.

1: Kya Sachin ke dimag me wakayi ek shaitan hai? (Is there a devil in Sachin’s mind?) – What??

2:Kya alien gaaye ka doodh peete hain? (Do aliens drink cow milk?) – You can’t be serious!

3:Dhoni ka 12 inch dilayega vishva cup, pahle Dhoni ka tha 1.5 feet! (Dhoni’s 12 inch will ensure world Cup, earlier it was of 1.5 feet) – What the hell did I just read!!

4:Jungle mein triangle. Bagh aur Baaghin ke beech aa gaya hai koi aur! (Triangle in Jungle. Someone came in between Tigress and Tiger) – No words.
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5: Aaj India TV pe hoga live Balatkar!! (There will be a live RAPE on India TV) – Kill me!

6: Dilli me giri barf. Aaj Dilli me ek Aadmi Cycle par barf le jaa raha tha, career dheela tha aur barf gir gayi! (Ice fall in Delhi. A guy was carrying ice on his bicycle and due to the lose carrier, the ice fell down) – Can you believe it!

7: The missing dog of Commissioner is national concern.

8: Himesh par aliens ki nazar! ( Aliens set their eyes on Himesh. Why they wanna take him away?) – Nothing can be more hilarious than this. Beat that!

9: Shortcut to heaven lies in a dense forest, which is guarded by butterflies and sometimes through a lake!
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10: UFO pulls a cow to sky from Earth. because as per #2 they drink cow’s milk

11: Proof of half human-half tiger creature. I bet discovery tv guys must be surprised how India Tv managed to find the truth before them!

12: Ek Chanta Panch Pappi(One Slap 5 Kisses) Nice Offer!!

13: Only for Tenants. Landlords prohibited!

14: Obama Ke sar pe lagi goli. Finally they killed Obama too 😛

15: Pyasi ?? Na na… Its “Pyazi” Chudail!!


Share in the comments section if you have seen anything more weird than the above. 😛