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Lets End Udwin’s Story Here . And Get To Some Real-Time Action For Women!

Its going to be two-good weeks of fortunes for all the new channels and micro-bloggers , they just got another subject to hold on for days . Every tom dick and harry , Kal tak and RimesNow and many others running stupid headlines , launching thoughtless hashtags , completely pushing the debates to a completely undesired direction . You call India’s Daughter a conspiracy by the west to defame India? I call you even greater conspirators to have miss-guided people and run things which never made any sense . And then you are the first ones to express grief over Kuwait Times calling “All Indian Men Rapists” and a German professor denying an Indian student internship for being Indian as she feels Indian men are rapists. (These events/ actions  are in no way being appreciated! )


When the debates ought to be about whether the views filmed in the documentary were legitimate and actually a reflection of how a few men think in India , the debates were rather intentionally switched to how it contained comments which were derogatory and an affront to the dignity of women , whether it was right to voice the opinion of the rapists , when this could defame India . I do not stab the common people , said foolish to have such views since even the Home Minister of the country holds his share from the same cake.


Sad and tragic .


We have caused much more damaged to our poor ourselves .We were the ones who first projected being too insecure to let out what was happening in the country and then we express remorse over having being called rapist ? Yes , we are Indians and not rapists , and anybody on this planet earth has no right to discriminate us . But accept it or not , we are the ones who have led ourselves to a situation where clarifications are required for your nationality , where even a Nation’s Ambassador need to write a 300 letter to his home-state’s university saying “Indian’s are not rapists , we have seen it here , ourselves.”


How unfortunate! It seems as if in a few days , having such an approval by an Embassy will become mandatory before you even try for any foreign institute , company or may be a simple visit .


The more we victims we pretend ourselves , the more we are announcing to the world “We love being your targets” .


 No, we do not need a National Convener to come out and announce to the world “We are not Rapists” , do English , Americans or Germans ever do so ? No we , wont apologise , there isn’t any serious reason at all .  


We do not need to be apprehensive about a Rapists horrible views being allowed to air ! We know he’s a rapists , and so is he there in Tihar right now . He is a rapist and so we do know he must be loaded with seriously rotten notions of feminism .Every country is prone to rapes , aren’t they ? And so there are RAPISTS alive , we must be proud , we have all the guts to let it out to the world . We are ashamed of what people like Mukesh , the ones who rape , be it anywhere on earth , think of women . We are ashamed they do .


But But But , before you get me wrong ,




Get that straight .


Let’s end Udwin’s story here . She doesn’t deserve more footage than what we have already bestowed upon her . Let’s wrap the documentary controversy here and talk sensible. We must immediately stop running news and articles for TRPS , yes right now !


Let’s talk why those 50+ uncles , though educated and brought up in the so-called upper-Indian Society , those who have filtered the law examinations , read law of the land , fought cases are the proud associates of a school of thought which has “Burn Women if they have pre-marital sex”. Let’s talk why the wife of Mukesh , who simply talks like an ordinary Indian wife feels so dependent on her husband . Let’s talk why Mukesh isn’t ashamed of doing it even after spending an year in exile . Let’s talk why we have had certain failures in respecting women . Lets talk what we need to do right now as a society !


Let’s talk all this , but with no regrets . We are have earnest condolence with Nirbhaya’s parents for 16th December . But at the same hour we are very much proud of Nirbhaya’s bravery and the fact that thousands of Indians ,both men and women marched to India Gate asking questions to not just the government but the society as a whole .


Yes , we are that proud country which weeps at the people like Mukesh and raises voices for bravehearts like Nirbhaya . We have no regrets , we only have learning.

So at last . Lets end it here . And get to some real-time action .

Jai Hind .