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12 Things Only A Foodie Can Relate To

If you think food is God’s greatest creation, if you love food for the love of food and all you think about is food – you are a foodie!

1. You are never full- you can always make space for some gastronomical palpation. What could be more important than a little something to eat?
2. The term #foodporn was invented for you. Your taste buds get activated at a simple glimpse of food!
3. You don’t need a company to binge on food! The only thing you need from five star to restaurants to road side eatery joints is your food! Just food.
4. You hate fussy eaters and just wanna tell them that if it does not kill you, it nourishes you! Duh.
5. You want to taste every dish on the table.
6. You have the willingness to stand in a line for hours… just to try something new.
7. You cannot stop your insane reactions when delicious food is right in front of you!
8. You have utmost respect for cooks and chefs and their profession as you understand the value of good food with just right ingredients.
9. You are always planning your next meal at some new place.
10. You can make up for a bad day with a great meal. Oops! Correction you do that even on good days, fine day, dull day, and all other types of days…
11. You travel itinerary ensures that best eating joints are not missed out.
12. You cannot pick your favourite cuisine.

And now, you are hungry, again!

Meanwhile I will grab a quick yummy bite. Wink…