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11 Logics Why Every Girl Wants To Loose Weight And Look Sexier!

None of my girlfriends out there can disagree that in some point in life they all have thought that, ” I have become fat!”  From gaining an inch around your waist or noticing that double chin of yours, the only thing that came to your mind was FAT. Doesn’t matter if you are slim or too slim or curvy, you will still use the word fat ( we love torturing ourselves).

Being a girl, we all had experienced that ‘feeling’ and even after our friends and family telling us constantly that you look fine, we have disagreed quite amicably. So, let’s down pen few reasons why every girl gets this thought in her mind:


1. Because when you compare your old pictures with the new ones! Where you look far pretty in new ones, you look far slimmer in old ones.


2. Because the girl you hate the most, is slimmer than you! “If she is size zero, I have to be in minus!”


3. Because for us, size matters! “I wanna know how I am going to look in 36-24-36!”

4. Because you want to convince your parents and hit the gym even when you aren’t fat! *sweating is sexy*

5. Because you will get all the eyes rolling around you + compliments.

6. Because you don’t want to be called cute any more. The slimmer I look, the sexy I get.

7. Because it will boost my confidence levels to the 30 the floor!

8. Because when I meet few aunties after ages, they still find me gol-matol which I am not!
9. “Agar Kareena kar sakti hai, toh mai bhi kar sakti hun!”
10. Because I love my bachpan ke kapde and still want to fit in them.
11. I can handle love but not my love handles!

Plum, slim, curvy or not, every girl is pretty and beautiful in her own way. Don’t trust me? Look at the guy who skip his heart beat every time he see you!

Kudos to #GirlPower. <3


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