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How Is The Journey When You Fall In Love For The First Time

Is love always about complaining and cribbing? Where you find yourself dragging at times, things that bring a smile on your face are mostly your heydays of LOVE. The time when it was all about being together and be an avid follower of Chipko Movement.

Let’s see why the first relation and its first year is supposed to be the honeymoon period for all:
1. For the first few months you are always on time for your dates and they are the only thing you look forward to!
2. You have become a certified text-a-holic!
3. And if not, you make plans which are more instant than a coffee.
4. You wait for your special moment to happen!
5. Jealousy and possesiveness are your new best friends!
6. No matter how mature you talk otherwise, roses, chocolates and teddies remain your first gifts!
7. Holding hands in public is the new BIG deal for you.
8. You don’t mind bunking your college, office just to be with your someone special!
9. One promise that everyone makes, “Jaanu hum kabhi nahi ladenge…”
10. And of course, if we wont fight we might get married too! :O
11. Then you realize where is it going? Was it suppose to be like this?
12. And you get your answer in the sparkling shine of your face when you see your partner! <3
And you feel he might be the one for you, for whom you can stand against the world!


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