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Found them! Qualities Of A True Blue Delhite


Dil Walon Ki Dilli,’ wasn’t an overnight tag given to the capital. It has hands of many Delhites their unfathomable spirits to make the capital so lively! Yes, we are flashy, we are sober, we are super, we are crazy but at the end we are proud to be here. Dilli ki jaan hai dilliwale… adding life to all the boredom around!

Clear your doubts, with a list of these:

1. You never get bore with us!
We just love to talk. We can chat 24*7. We have stories of stories can explain you one in so many interesting ways that it will sound new every time!


2. We are DIL walas!
We welcome all with open arms! Anyone who comes here won’t find it easy to go back. Just five minutes you feel like long lost buddies. It’s not the city that makes you stay, it’s the people.

3. We are big time foodies!
Be it gol gappas, chaat papdi or dahi bhallas we can accompany you for everything. You can find us in nook of pandara road or corners of chandni chowk. We go where food calls!


4. Chalo Dilli!
Nobody can introduce you to Delhi like a Delhite. We are like the local guides who know their city inside out. Every time you go out with us will be having a new story about each place.


5. We are better when we are bad!
We love to party! And we are great at them. We never mind to buy you a drink. So, what say?


6. We are fearless!
Not because we are aggressive by default but because we are always their to give a hand. We can bash anyone who tries to create troubles. Doesn’t matter if we know you or not, we are there for you.


7. We are the generous species too.
We love to reach out help. Specially, if it requires to go out of the way. Some people call it interference, we call it madad.


8. We are ‘extra’ senti.
‘Dilli wale dil se sochte hain.’ A simple smile or a gesture we can get you the world.


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