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Fifty Shades Of Grey – Worth The BAN . Here Is The Answer As To Why?


For all those who have already read the book , they must be knowing that Fifty Shades of Grey is a Porn Movie written well . And those who were outraged on it’s ban for it being just a form of art , arguing for freedom of expression . You are indeed two fools arguing for the wrong cause , there are hell lot of things worth fighting for , either you do not know the real reason for it’s ban , or you are too unwilling to understand . In both the situations the best option would be to shut up .

A few days ago , I myself associated to your clan –“Furious Fumes” (that’s how we make it sensational, right ?) . I was at my friend’s place , call it a shock or a wonderful surprise , while I was there ,they told me we were going to watch Fifty Shades of Grey with even the banned portion . May be anxiety or excitement , I stayed to watch it , to understand what was worth the ban .

Firstly I am not a conservative or defensive Indian . I know neutral appreciation , be it an Indian work or a Leslee’s . Also, like most of the earthly humans who do watch porn but can’t confess , I too am normal enough .

But seriously do you think Fifty Shades of Grey was just another porn movie ?

Trying to lift my jaws after what was I watching , they called it ‘Domination or Submission’ form of sex and said it was quite ordinary in the western culture .

I should not have any problem if domination involved both women and men at times , if the sin was shared and both were equal participants . But it was not .

4 times does the male tie her without her consent , hits her 5 times with a hunter (teasing they call it) , and even handcuffs her twice . Yeah , we understand this is just another form of sex for you . Give it a name of your choice – Erotic ? Sensual ? Sexy ? Provocative ? or whatever you like the best .

But for a country yet fighting for marital rape , a movie that shows women being junior partners or rather partner submitted to the male , is not appropriate for us , at least while our struggle is on .

It may be said that’s how it happens , but no , for women of this country who are yet fighting to get a rape in marriage legalized you will actually weaken their movement and somehow deeply hurt the spirit of the decade long struggle .

Do not get us wrong , we are not hyping just a movie , but we are being extra-cautious to prevent ourselves from committing the mistake we did for bollywood in the attempt to not seem primitive . We are not being defensive but sensible here .

50 shades will damage a very crucial internal fight against the culprit very much authorized to rape you today , that’s certainly much lesser than what shame ‘BANNING’ a movie will bring us . No, it is not at all offensive to us , we are a liberal nation but it is harmful half a part of our country . And that can by no reason is justifiable for us .

Sunitha Krishnan says , “Disguising dominating sex as just another form of sex , is the worst thing we would do to our women . It’s Simple Rape , we aren’t strong enough to accept it . But that doesn’t prove we are right.”

Hope we are someday capable of acknowledging what we do to our women inside closet, and do not tell her ‘It’s normal’ to save our shame.