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Do You Want An Actual Change In The Country? Are Your Efforts Convincing Enough?

Leslee’s attempt wasn’t the first one , nor is there any compulsion of many such documentaries , articles , open-letters and what more , to be written , painted and filmed , for purposes we will hardly realise for we have been worse found positive for emotional-rape . Such conspiracies, efforts-for-good or stabs , give it a name of your choice , are not rare in the history of any nation . No indifferent from all those in all-season hunt for subjects fit for commercial-rapes , we are in immediate starving of something to exaggerate and reap for our benefits.


From the very vocal and aggressive feminists to enthusiastic micro-bloggers , from a pool of critical thinkers to a club of fools , from passionate patriots to ones with blind biases , from fiery news hosts to politicians whom we wish were sarcastic while making those dumb remarks . We are indeed blessed with numerically abundant and qualitatively adequate people who care for what’s going on in the nation . We have this proud reason to ‘swell’ the chest of all our Indian Siblings (Brothers and Sisters , or else we don’t respect you !)  in our relatively small list of glories.

But. Not once or twice , but every time that we made an effort to mobilize  change , have we failed to shoot the right crow in the night sky . Its not really about what Leslee intended , or what she conspired , but the approach to actually changing things in the country.

Javed Akhtar in his Lok Sabha speech says “It gave a chance to all of us to introspect if we thought like a rapist.” Not being edgy , but that’s how we all perceived it , including me .Full points for not sleeping in the parliament and using your fortunate stature with a that you were thought of speaking for us. That’s your liberty, exploit it.

Nevertheless my attempts at work.

Okay , so since you are one of those who have picked up this article . Reading the title what did run in your head ? Were you looking forward to learnings and knowing perspectives , the ideal answer . Well , if yes then congratulations you associate to a rare breed . For those not-to-wonderful like you , we mostly chose things which appeal to our in-built egos ! Yes , something which shouts loud and clear “What you said yesterday was absolutely right !”

In words simple , we look out for things which are alike to our views . Hardly a single digit percentile of people differ from this notion . And that’s perfectly normal , no regrets .

So the first question in my head . “Whom are we trying to convince anyways ?”

When I know my article is not going to land on somebody’s screen who doesn’t agree with me or with the title of this article , whom I want to know and understand me . They will rather not give damn about it , in urban dictionary they say .

Who exactly was the target audience of Leslee’s work or any other emotionally appealing piece ? People whom we want to change and improve ?  Really ? Will they understand being so straight-forward ? Yes , calling a spade a spade is in all proverb directories , but that does not really work .

If we as a society are really looking forward to constructive change and building a nation stronger than yesterday , then I am sorry , but our approach will do no good . A person thinking like rapist will never watch the documentary anyways , for somebody thinking “India’s daughter deserved to be raped” why will they watch your ‘India’s daughter’ anyways ? But thinking, A REALLY UNDERSTANDING AND SENSIBLE person will watch the documentary despite it being on war with his school of thought and suddenly a hormone will be secreted in his head , and he will change , things will never be the same again .


No , if it was this simple . It wouldn’t have been an issue at all . Somebody being so willing to change , will never be the third degree of the verb-BAD .  

People are not Pokemons and you cannot catch us with your master-balls , today you cannot even catch our eyeballs .

We must teach it to them their way . Let’s start from people like Manohar Lal , professionals who impact the things the worse .  Instead of straightaway telling them to shut-up and change their coats , let’s thank them for all the ruthless price that  the society has to pay just because of their views .

Let’s initiate an open dialogue between Them and Us – The ones who think women deserve it and others who actually think something. Let’s call the daughters of leaders like Mulayam Singh Yadav and RSS men (do they even have women around them , anyways ?) to the show . Let’s ask the wife of Manohar Lal to accompany him .

Market and brand it as the Debate favoring them , something calling them right versus us the fools thinking incorrectly . And they will willingly rush to your debate , to defend what’s very close to their heart , but considerably far from their heads . Give tickets to only self-proclaimed representatives and largely misunderstood  people . (as they think of themselves)  

Can all the arch media rivals , thirsty for each other’s blood and humiliations , come together for this noble purpose ? Don’t you worry , our ‘Kill-Women- audiences” will pay for themselves .

Let’s see how it goes. Let’s prove it to them , how it feels to say “Women deserve to have an iron rod inserted in their vaginas” in front of their own daughters and wives . Let them see their dharm-patnis lament and cry , let their sushil-virgin purtis shed tears over being their father’s . Let’s melt down the heart that wants to banish women from this earth , instead of shooting him with guns and AK-47s .  

No more beatings around the bushes .

If somebody can come all the way from Britain to make India’s Daughter (for whatever purpose) , our sons and daughters can surely be their Gandhis and change-makers to do something with a pre-decided target , a well-thought objective and  for a visible immediate impact .


We can do it . Let’s do it .  

Jai hind!

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