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Children’s Day Special – Things we miss about our childhood

As we approach Children’s day, we are reminded of our childhood. Here is a recap of a few childhood memories we all miss. Read on and relive your childhood:

1. Playing was in our schedule – Aunty bunty ko bhejo khelne ke liye..
Evening play time was a routine, spending summer vacations at Naani house was the most relished time of the year



2. Cartoon Time –  Mummy TV nahi dekhne degi agar HW time par nahi kiya.
Completing home-work so that we could get free before we hear Duck Tales hooo-uuu-ooo on TV!



3. Raw Imagination – Mummy mirror ke andar bhoot hai.
Imaginary friends, turning dad’s jacket into a monster, and making strange faces in front of mirror (only to get scared of our fearful facial gestures)!.


4. Free-flowing creativity – Chalo wall painiting karte hain.
We could decorate just anything scrap book, sand castles, paper craft and the list is endless!



5. Dance all the way – Moon dance kar sakta hoon main to.
Waiting for Shenaaz’s MTV’s Most Wanted on MTV when it use to be a music channel and dance to our favourite MJ number.



6. We had wars – Gang-fights during recess. Our ammunitions were paper balls or aluminium foil balls.



7. Anything could make us happy – Chalo ghoomne chalein..
Being super excited about everything – stationary shopping, watching Hip Hip Hurray, finding a plastic toy in fun flips pack, anybody’s birthday party!



8. Handling a camera was an accomplishment – Mujhe photo kheenchni aati hai.
Getting a chance to click photos and waiting for the album to develop.



9. Idealizing those super cool people – Looking forward to meet those role model – Didis and Bhaiyas who were just so cool!



10. Rainy season was more than just traffic jams – It was just about fun, creating paper boat, getting drenched along with worms in a muddy wet soil.



Add more childhood memories in the comment section!