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Being Human’s Inhumane Version. Sallu Bhai’s Fans’ Mellow Drama


This is funny , seriously very comical . This is something like a daily soap bhabi standing on the rooftop and shouting to the police ‘Mera Dewar chor nahi hai. Agar hai bhi toh use itni sazaa mat do , bhagwan ke liye . Warna mei yahan se kood kar jaan de dungi.’ Fan loyalty is surely not my botheration , until loyalty means defying human values and going logic-lame . He may be a great actor , a sexy nerd , a hot hunk or any heavy adjective, I do not mind , but right now he is a convict , as worthy of a punishment as any other law violator .

No latter than some 40 minutes , one could see ‘Bhai ke fans’ making headlines for poorly constructed hashtags and purely senseless posts . I read somebody’s blog an hour later , it reads “Salman has just no mistake in the whole case . It is govt. fault , which fails to provide people with affordable housing . How is it Salman’s mistake that they were sleeping on the footpath.” Ridiculous isn’t it ? Logic cannot be lied down to such idiotic interpretations of state’s responsibility . Leave footpath , my foot tell us if you would permit them to sleep in your houses , they were there and are there (on footpaths , not roads after 12) by no choice . You hell cannot drive properly , but you want to be shout to the world -everybody is at fault expect your own self . Brilliant Logic , seriously !

It is becoming more like Kenya where you are guilty until proven rich . How dare one skip the Indian custom of blaming the poor and helpless for any and everything that goes wrong . That’s how we do it , right ?

And it’s really difficult to make sense why A CULPRIT , having killed one innocent homeless asleep poor and injured four , manages to gather so much sympathy and his court verdict is glorified , poor us nobody ever asks about the Nirbhaya Verdict ! Cool down folks . Courts have adjourned and the verdict is out . Why the hell are you still busy passing you own judgements ? The earth doesn’t need them at all , I swear . We are defending a guilty , adding to a to-be-prisoner’s popularity and talking just no sense .

But it will be really unfair to blame my Indian Brothers and Sisters for their abnormal reactions . That’s a normal Indian thing after all . It rather indicates a deeper principle mistake in the way we raise our children . They are ‘convinced by compulsion’ that respect and commitment means blind faith and defending just everything belonging your lord . Infact in the context of celebs (includes politicians) this is what we miss-interpret to be fan-following.

Be it your father raping , aunt stealing or may be a far-off acquaintance of yours reported to commit a heinous crime , we are told to religiously defend them and beg for mai-baaps mercy and say ‘They could never do anything as sinner as this , this is surely a conspiracy’ , with the hope some nerd of zero sense would believe you and amplify your stupid voice and thus strengthening your wrong cause . That’s how the cycle of just the wrong learnings haunts us generations over generations .

How long shall we deny we are weak enough to accept our idols , our loved ones , our blood being wrong too ? How long shall we keep refusing to accept the truth that those who call for ‘Being Human’ may have done inhumane acts as well ? Until we learn to take it – “Sallu Bhai wasn’t wrong you know!”. And hence continues the mellow-drama .