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8 Kinds Of People Who Should Better Shut Up

The world is beautiful except the time when some dumb hypocrites who don’t even deserve a tongue just don’t shut up. They end up irritating you so much that you at last ask them to better keep quiet. It may be rude, but they have earned it. The irony of this world is those who should be speaking are full of doubts and the ones who shouldn’t are full of confidence. Here is the list of 8 Kinds of People Who Should Better Shut Up –


1.  Paisa Papus. Those who aren’t anything more than their dad’s riches.



2.  Ek Villain ka villain. The ones who are rather too weak to talk. My foot, they still think ‘rod is God.’ They just don’t have control over their hands. Get some life buddy!



3.  IDC-types. People who are too self-obsessed to understand others. They just listen to reply not realize.



4. Fake Firangis. Humans who love faking perfection. Okay, if you can’t do it then at least don’t pretend being doing it.



5. The Excuse bugs.  They just can’t accept failure. Fine if you couldn’t make it, learn to take the blame. Oops they will not, it wasn’t their mistake right?



6.  Closed Cocoons. They haven’t seen anything outside their tiny shells and feel anything other than what they know is false.



7. Intelligent Owls. People who think everybody other than their own selves is a fool. They are the only intelligent beings on this earth. Oh yes, let them live with the misconceptions.



8.  Jale hue kababs. They don’t speak, they simply vomit their grudges and jealousy. They just cannot see anybody happy. The Envious crocodiles.


I’m sure there are many more! Let’s not shut up and do the talking in comments below! 😛