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7 things that makes you wonder why you still feel broke all the time !!

Single people in jobs and DINKS (Double Income No Kids) these days deal with the most important aspect of life i.e ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’. Like literally confused– well… should I eat at Burger King or go for Dunkins ?? ZARA Me Sale Hai But I louuvveee FOREVER21 Ka Stuff !! these new luxury apartments are way better than the previous ones yaa !

Here is a funny take on financial planning of working people without any intention of tampering their lifestyle views :
1. Your best friend brought PRADA, your neighbor has a PORSCHE parked next to your HONDA and you want to keep up with it. ITS A TRAP!! ITS A TRAP!!

2. You wish to be richer than today but that’s not your ‘Roz Ka Goal’.

3. Your credit card limit is always over somewhere near the end of the month. ‘Dost Thode Paise Udhaar De De Na’

4. Like fast food,’Dum-Dum Bum-Bum Khinch Mere Humdum’ and ‘Haan Mai Alcoholic Hun’ is you money drain Mantra.
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5. So, you work hard or hardly working? telling your boss ‘Ye Mera Kaam Nahi Hai’ is the only work you do.

6. Aaj 60% Off Hai across this website. WOW !! I soo wanted that kinda bag…. WHOOSHH ! and you are bankrupt.
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7. Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit. ‘Apni Life To Set Hai Boss’ !

Ironically, the safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket ! Afterall you dnt want to sing out loud ‘I’M LIVIN LA VIDA-BROKA’ !
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