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15 Signs That Show You Suck At Flirting Big Time!

Have you been single for too long? Does every guy/girl turn you down even before you have made your move? Even when it seems like it is going good, do you always manage to end up as ‘forever alone’? Even though you may not know the reason behind being turned down, we do! This is why we have compiled a list to prove YOU JUST CANNOT FLIRT!


1. Eye contact.

This is the basic rule of flirting and we bet you are failing at it. You have been ogling at your romantic interest for way too long. It does the trick when you want to creep them out.


2. Stalking.

Instead of stalking them on social media, if you choose to follow them around everywhere and anywhere they go, then you clearly cannot flirt (They have probably called the cops by now!).


3. The friendly gestures.

This DOES NOT mean touching them at every opportunity you get. If you find yourself doing this pretty often (by which we mean all the time), then you need to stop right now, which means THIS INSTANT.


4. Sending smileys while on instant messaging.

In order to look ‘cute’ to your love interest, you may have sent smileys, and we are guessing, at the most inappropriate timing.


5. Flirty? Creepy? What’s the difference to you?

It is only a blurred line to you, and you always cross it.


6. Talk about yourself.

You approach her. No harm done. But when you start talking about yourself you never stop. You are so indulged in your own world that you probably haven’t seen her escaping.


7. Get to know them..completely!

You have stalked her so much on social networks that you accidentally blurt out more details about her than you are supposed to.


8. Being over-confident.

The only time you are confident about yourself is when you are drunk. You try flirting when you’re down a few bottles and that, believe us, is not a good idea.


9. Compliment them.Weirdly…very weirdly.

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, but your compliments are from an entirely different solar system. Nobody gets them. “Your corneas are like multicolored polybag”. See what we mean?


10. Be creative. Are you sure??

You try to flirt by writing her a poem, but end up being way too honest.


11. Don’t be nervous, she’s just another person like you.

But nervousness is your alter ego. You stammer so much that it reaches level 10000!!!!!


12. Because your life is inspired… 


From the song, ‘Tu mere agalbagalhai’, you think it’s okay to say things like ‘fokatiyonsa pyaar karoonga, Baaton se hi pet bharoonga, Miss call pe phone tukarna, marjaunga pyaar mein warna’.
No! Just NO!


13. Choose a conversation starter.

You try to be funny with a pick-up line, but something like this is NOT what she wants to hear.


14. Being futuristic and not imaginative.

Being forward is great but trying to discuss the names of your 3rd child with her when you haven’t even picked her up is a complete NO-NO. Put your inner desires on a leash.


15. Oh ! And yes..if you’re reading this post then there’s a high chance you cannot flirt.