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15 Signs He Is Just Not That Interested In You

Hi Girls

Relationship turmoils with your boyfriend/husband spins around in all of our minds right?? Yes we girls love to be loved and cared and it’s always great to get “That Attention”. In the fast changing dynamic environment where love relations last for just few hours, its very important for us not to loose ourselves or hurt that cute little heart (No offense to men!)

Girls, I am sure being in relationship every one of us knows there is no mixed message. Either he’s into you or he’s not. Here are fifteen signs that you may notice in your guy if you get a gut feeling that your relation is not flowing in right direction.

1. He will ask very less or nothing about you or your life.


2. He doesn’t reveal things about himself. He will be on and off and might disappear for days and then come back with sweetest ever message.


3. He will make excuses for not meeting, saying he is running busy and his life is going through a tough phase.
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4. He will every time mention that he wants to focus probably on career front and probably changes the relationship/ marriage talks.


5. He will take long time to set up the next date with you.


6. He will avoid chatting with you and probably the answers you get on your texts will be okk….yes…no..fine all will be monosyllabic.


7. He will avoid attending your call and will bother not to call back or calls back after many days with excuses of why he didn’t attend the call.


8. He may start mentioning other girl and is very open about them…. and in between the conversation he might compare you with other girls.


9. On comparing with other girls he might try to impose you to change.


10. He doesn’t bring you around friends and family.


11. He will never acknowledge the relationship in public.


12. The relationship is more physical than emotional.


13. He always texts and messages other girls around.


14. You can’t tell if he’s interested.


15. Your conversations will be more silent and may last for just few minutes.

So girls It’s time for a reality check. If a guy is interested in you he will give you those signs. If a guy wants to meet you he Will meet you. If a guy wants to call you he Will make sure he calls you. There are no excuses; he is nothing shy about etc. A man who’s interested doesn’t leave you wondering. Trust your inner voice. There is no one busy in this world, it’s always about priorities. He will always find time for you if he feels its important. Otherwise “LET GO” him.


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