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13 Reasons Why Shopping Will Always Be Every Girl’s First Love

It won’t be wrong if I say that a relationship between a girl and shopping is unbreakable and undying. A girl can handle one less boyfriend in her life but not a single less dress in her wardrobe. Shopping remains the best partner to every girl and that’s why it is the first and forever love for her. How? Like this..

1. You have makeovers at your own wish unlike relationship arguments!
2. Shopping is the ultimate cure to every situation and mood. Sad? Shop! Excited? Shop more. Happy? Buy the whole mall!
3. Once in a blue moon you might not want to see your partner’s face but clothes? You can adore them over and over again.
4. And of course! You love trying them in front of the super big mirrors of the trial rooms.
5. Shopping is the ONLY thing that gets the biggest smile on your face..
6. You always have so many options to choose from. Plus, variety too! Pink, baby pink, dark pink, magenta..
7. Guys can buy you gifts and stuff but when you shop on your own, its the best!
8. LOVE for girls mean lipsticks, ombre hair, vogue, everything that talks fashion.
9. Shopping is one and only thing over which you bond well with other girls.
10. Your childhood was spent trying your mum’s heels and dupattas..
11. You feel most beautiful in your new pair of heels or LBD and not with a girlfriend tag.
12. The first thing you did with your first salary was shopping!
13. There are no heart breaks or pain of break ups.. It’s a stress free relationship for lifetime! <3


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