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12 Signs You Are Raj a.k.a SRK From DDLJ

‘Raj’, one of the most impactful character played by SRK which still has an impression on each one of us. Be it girls or guys we all are a die-heart fan of DDLJ. Where all men aspire to be Raj, all real life Simrans’ are waiting for him too. And these signs tell how you are the one:
1. You have charm like no one. Where others slog their ass off, you don’t even have to try!

 “Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai Senorita!”

2. That’s what you make the hero among girls. Be it talking, meeting or just being a good company.

3. You are secretive about your ‘lovey-dovey’ side.

4. But it comes out eventually when you are with the ‘one’.

5. Even if you flirtatious chivalry doesn’t leave you.

 “Agar yeh tujhe pyar karti hai toh yeh palat ke dekhegi… palat…palat!”

6. You give those protective vibes and girls find themselves safe around you.

 “Main ek Hindustani hoon.. aur main jaanta hoon ki ek Hindustani ladki ki izzat kya hoti hai..”

7. You are caring and sensitive when situation demands.

8. But it doesn’t keep you away from your party animal side. You are the ‘jaan‘ of your friends’ group!

9. You are a pro at keeping moods light and situations funny.

 “Koi bhi ullu ka patha sirf ek angoothi pehanakar tumko mujhse nahi cheen sakta… tum meri ho, sirf meri..

10. You can go to extremes to make things work. P.S. You are not only a daring boy friend but a confident son too.

11. You accept yourself and your failures with a head held high.

12. Your positive attitude keeps you strong during all thick & thin times.

 And that’s what make people say: “Ja Simran ja.. jee le apni zindagi..”
You are one-of-a-kind man! A true gem to keep forever in the real life and not reel. Love you SRK for being Raj and giving few guys brain! <3

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