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12 Reasons Why You & Your Tailor Bond So Well

Women might have second thoughts about their marriage but not about their tailor! Indian females are obsessed with the ‘Masterji’ his magic skills. No matter, how many trends or brands come their way, they will never let go that one MAN who has solution to their every costume problem.

Here, are reasons why you can never take the tailors out of the hearts of Indian women.


  1. You feel satisfied after wearing that inch by inch fitted dress.


  2. You love the concept of alterations! Fitting into clothes of your sister or mother takes you back to their time trends.
  3. Can’t resist to have Aishwarya’s Cannes look in your wardrobe? Tell your tailor to master its exact copy!


  4. You feel no less than a ‘Neeta Lulla’ when it comes to designing your own outfit imagining how glamorous it will turn out to be!
  5. You thoroughly enjoy flipping those books having dhinchaak necklines backlines which you will never get stitched.
  6. From picco to saree ka fall to lehenga cholis, the magic man knows how to make you happy.
  7. Masterji is a magic man. He has that skill of transforming your lehenga into a saree or a saree into a suit.
  8. You have to agree, nothing fits in your pocket as smoothly as a tailoring expense.
  9. Tailors are no more limited to kurtis, salwar kammez or sarees. Now, their magic hands do gowns, dresses, jackets as well.
  10. The only man, who will listen to you every time you go to him fight for that extra inch for the perfect deep back!
  11. Too busy with your hectic schedule? He will get you the perfect fabric to the perfect accesories to match with!
  12. Masterji, who understand the urgency of an event try to deliver your outfit by your preferred date.


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