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11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in May

Most people who have their birthdays in May are independent. They are possessive of the things and people they have in life. ‘I’m not the jealous type. But what’s mine is mine. End of story.‘ 😛 They spot beautiful things with the blink of an eye. They make efficient financial managers. However, like everyone else, our May buddies also have both sides of personalities like these.

1. Sharp thoughts rule their brain- They are self motivated.


Quite mature they are when it comes to requiring a push to do something. Once they set their eyes on something, the May borns will persistently put in all the efforts to get it. Failures and setbacks rarely dampen their spirits.

2. Attracts attention and affection of people.

‘Tera dhyaan kidhar hai..ye tera hero idhaar hai!!’ Sensual inside out, these people arouse you to be in their vicinity all the time. Hence, they like people surrounding them. If that is not the case, they become self indulgent and not really feeling the need of a company.

3. Love to dream, but with open eyes!

With dreamy eyes, they make future plans independently. Having a strong and clear vision of thoughts, these plans are very practical and materialistic to secure their future and maintain a certain image in the society.

4. Spendthrift- Girls! Go grab him or else he will be taken 😛

May borns have a tendency to spend money on things that might not be required for a living. They try and maintain a set standard of themselves, which leads to over-spending. Because of this, they don’t think much before spending on their loved ones too. But but but people… when it comes to savings, they become frugal. You are lucky if you have a May born loved one. 🙂

5. Systematic, with a stubborn approach.

‘Keh diya na bas… keh diya!’ Though they are easy going and respectful, they can be unbelievably stubborn and inflexible in their approach. So much so that when the logical arguments don’t suit them, they will just refuse to listen! Something that left brained people usually do.

6. They like literature, arts and financial management.

May borns are a lover of both emotional and practical pursuits of life. knowledgeable things attract them and if given a chance, they try to make this interest as their career choice too.

7. They love to travel and hate being at home.

Yes! May borns are globe trotters. Travelling and seeing the World and it’s diversified culture is their passion. They don’t like to be dependent on their parents, husbands or grandparents. They prefer to make their own money and work hard to have anything they want or need in life.

8. Restless- Yes… almost all the time 😐

Why this kolaveri di! even we don’t know why, but they seem to be restless all the time. sometimes they themselves don’t have any clue about it. they just have it in their nature.

9. Hard working, strong willed yet can be easily consoled- Baat pasand aani chahiye..bas!

They believe in doing the job right rather than being the first one to do the job. they are good in decision making, but if they get a more realistic approach on a situation, they agree to the opinion and get consoled by it. But don’t get fooled! Their self-indulgent streak makes them rude, and ignorant of others emotions.

10. Very lazy, but not when it comes to being possessive-Super active stalkers they are!
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Everyday things don’t get them going on their feet. But when they need to find out something about someone, they are like an unpaid private investigator. They will know it even if you have gone for a walk all by yourself! Highly unwanted trait!

11. Short-tempered- Gussa to inki naak pe rakkha hota hai

This makes their mouth work faster than their mind. Lol. 😀  Though this temperament is short lived if the person dealing with it knows how to handle the situation and preventing it from getting translated into jealousy and resentment.


Ab Aur kya kahein… There are so many things that make them what they are. And they are truly awesome! Everyone has good and bad traits. People who don’t let the bad ones over power the good ones manage to make their life worth living happily. Enjoy the roller-coaster ride peeps!