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10 Things We Girls Do Everyday To Socialize!

We girls are social butterflies and yes.. we want to engage with fellows around. Our society runs on our activities, be it online or offline. We believe that if we’re not seen, then we’re invisible. That can be depressing and frustrating you know! So, to make it more effective, we do some cute engaging things to keep the trend going! Definitely in a new way which is like…


1. Adding an extra photoshopped picture on FB and thanking the person for clicking the pic – thus urging us to think that the pic is worth showing gratitude for!



2. Putting up status messages like “I don’t have an attitude problem. I have an attitude and you have a problem with that”, “I’m what I’m. I’m not born on this earth to please you” trying to prove that they have an aggressive attitude.



3. Liking each and every comment made on our pic, even the ones like ‘Where is this pic taken’, ‘Who is that beside you girl??’



4. Getting photo shoots done for an FB profile picture. (I’m serious!)



5. Saying ‘Awww! I love you’ to every human being around them for every little reason.



6. Using irritating shortcuts like ua, luf, whoz, gotta etc.



7. Wishing Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Brother’s Day, Sister’s Day on FB …even though the concerned person is very much beside us! Just word of mouth is not enough yaar



8. Buying expensive smart phones though we generally don’t use it much other than for clicking pictures and selfies!



9. Whatsapping 24*7.



10. Checking into every single place where we go…. If any of our friends are there, how will they know man!

…And the list goes on.

OOppss! I’m getting late for my parlor appointment.. very important discussion on hairstyles is pending you see… XOXO!