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10 Things That Make You No Less Than A Star Kid?

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What makes you feel that star kids have a better life than yours? Or how cool it will be to be SRK’s Abram or Aryan? Or you wish to be someone like Tusshar Kapoor or Uday Chopra? Sorry, no offense. But we just want to tell how great it is to be a non-star kid! I am one and of course it’s amazing.. Like this:
1. You have got a lot of attention and pampering from your family and relatives.
2. From the most ‘fashionable’ clothes to the latest toys, you had them all.
3. Chocolates and ice creams were the patent treats on your results.
4. Like every kid, you were taught life lessons that matter.
5. Your parents are your lifetime fans!
6. Your every trophy for any big or small achievement meant the world to them.
7. They have attended all your school functions and felt proud after hearing the praises.
8. No matter how busy your parents are, they always got time for you.
9. In all their hectic schedule you were never left ignored. Even if did, they made up to you.
10. In short, you got whatever you asked for, from your parents. <3 😛
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