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10 Things That Make Men Secretly Jealous Of Women

While this world is turning into a place full of feminist supporters and people looking for women empowerment, here’s what’s there in men’s little innocent hearts who crave for the small things that women enjoy effortlessly!

We asked them what exactly they feel and here’s what they have to say:
1. PMSing will never be an escape route for our moods.

2. Why the hell its obvious that we need to pay for the initial dates?

3. “Please take us on long drives too!”

4. Why they are so beautiful with those hair and curves?

5. Why they always have a bigger ‘women section’ while shopping?

6. We aren’t heartless. We do understand EMOTIONS.pt 1
7. FREE ENTRIES in the most expensive clubs and parties. We demand equality!

8. They are free to be over the top in almost everything!

9. Why they are always accompanied with friends in the loo?

10. They always attract most of the attention no matter wherever they go!
pt 10

This doesn’t make you guys any less but more sexy to be able handle us. Cheers to guys!

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