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10 Things Only A Working Married Couple Can Experience

Two successful individuals, struck by the cupid and then the ‘marriage’ happened! Now, life is changed and a new battle everyday. This pretty sums up life of a married couple but things become altogether different when you are working and married too.

Now, lets see what turn life takes  when you are part of this combo:


1. With time, you have got so busy that you guys have lost the track of time. “Hamari shaadi ko kitna time ho gaya baby?



2. For your house of two, you both are the cooks, cleaners and chauffers!


3. For you it’s more about future planning than family planning.



4. After office dinners seem more like your old dating days!



5. Weekends are less of outings but more of grocery shopping and dusting!


6. But God forbid if some relative stops by…


7. Where work has taken over your lives, you have started valuing your alone time.


8. But you have also spent days without talking or seeing each other! You want me to mention the reasons?



9. People often ask you, “How your marriage going? Is everything okay?”



10. Besides, all highs and lows, you look for means to keep up your love life and rediscover it all over again.

Thinking to get married any time soon?


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