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10 Things Only A Mobile Phone Addict Can Understand

Back in the 90s, news anchor on Doordarshan announced the advent of a technology that will make humans to view each other while talking over the phone. We never thought that it will become true, like seriously? …. and secretly wished it to happen in our lifetime.

Mobile has really revolutionized the way we interact. It has opened up a whole new world for us! We are connected to people through a palm held device. And this is how the child in us has grown up as a true blue mobile addict:
1. Toilet texting is not gross. It is optimization of time!
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2. There is nothing like switching off your mobile phone. Important message do not come with a prior warning. We can keep it in silent mode while sitting in class, conference, meeting… See! Just got one, damn urgent, heading to shopping now!
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3. It is all about adventure and finding a wild side of you, getting a rush while staring point-blank on the screen or texting friends just microsecond before landing inside a manhole.
4. Out of sight panics us, even when our mobile is stuck to our ear. Not to forget that it is the reason why our mobile phone sleeps on the night stand, and sometimes right next to us, or slips below the pillow during cold days.
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5. Temple Run, Candy Crush, Subway Surf… Our phone is a paradise of all addictive apps. And Instagram – our mobile has made us into a photographer.
6. The idea of leaving our phone for repair makes us ill. We are those who believe that a cracked screen does not mean you cannot see through the phone.
7.  Waiting to read a notification? Really? It could be an extra life for cracking level 499 of Candy Crush! #Furious.
8. If there is no notification on our phone after a long dinner or meeting, we restart our phone as we believe that something went wrong.
9. Before making any change in our lifestyle, we keep all the backups in place. Mobile Data Plan (Checked), Availability for Wifi (Checked), Mobile Charger (Checked), Extra Battery (Checked). Okay, we are good for a date tonight!
10. We find it difficult to be friends with Nomophobians! Because it could be only one!
Do you have any other crazy, not so crazy, really cool trait of mobile addict? Bring it on…

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