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10 Struggles Of A Teenager In India

Struggles of Teenager

As a teenager, we are new to a lot of things which we deal with it. Here are a bunch of things we struggle to understand as a teenager.

1. We are too Young to start drinking and too old to buy a McD’s happy meal
Struggles of Teenager 1


2. In the world where bunking lectures makes us popular, so we are confused to attend classes or not
Struggles of Teenager 2


3. 99.001% of our mind space goes to striving at our relationships, or half-relationships, or friend-zoned positions
Struggles of Teenager 3


4. We are changing everyday as our body is going through the over-flow of hormones
Struggles of Teenager 4


5. We have to survive to the end of the month on pocket money of peanuts
Struggles of Teenager 5


6. Our acts needs to match the best freshmen or fresher image and so does our Facebook/Insta Pictures
Struggles of Teenager 6


7. We are in the dilemma to either express ourselves or go with half truths. P.S- Insecurity of getting JUDGED
Struggles of Teenager 7


8. Playing your own lawyer to file appeal cases at The Parents High Court to get Night-out permissions
Struggles of Teenager 8


9. It feels like ‘we-don’t-belong-here’ when nobody understands us. Not even ourselves
Struggles of Teenager 9
10. We wonder if Virginity is a thing to lose or an experience to gain. #DoItOnlyWithConsent or #IndianSanskaar
Struggles of Teenager 10


Struggling through this teenage phase, we do succeed in finding our real selves and defining who we are!

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