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10 Signs You Are Bunny From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Who wants to be Ranbir when you actually can be Bunny? A charming, young boy with whom you relate somewhere inside you. This character hit plenty of us and inspired much in life. We took our take on this movie and explored how we all are Bunny in life:

1. You are a dreamer in life. Dreams that you believe in and make them true.

2. You are a self made person in life. Passion, ambition and will power are your pillars of strength.
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3. You are confident about everything you aspire in life from the tinniest to the biggest things.

4. And that’s what you make an inspiration for others!

5. People look up to you for being so dedicated in life.

6. But in all this you don’t miss out on your partying quotient!

7. And that’s what make you a charmer by default.

8. Where you preach a life full of freedom you don’t mind hearing what others teach too.

9. You don’t spend time but invest in worthy things like friendships/ relationships.

10. P.S. There is no stopping for you in life and you take it as it comes no matter what!



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