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10 Signs That Prove You Think Way TOO Much!

Where we all have the power to lead our life our way, there are many in the lot who are too innocent to know their mind and decisions-Kuch samajh nahi aa raha yaar kya karu… 😐

P.S: They tend to get influenced by the words of others. And intentionally or unintentionally, they leave an impression on our minds and the roller coaster ride begins. How? Read on..

1. You think twice before taking any decision by yourself. No! 100 times.
 2. Then, you feel it’s better to take a second opinion.
 3. But then also you don’t take decision. You over-think!
 4. You feel you are not mature enough like others.
 5. You take other’s joke very seriously..
 6. You dig out old conversations and the thinking cycle begins..
 7. Where you try not to repeat old mistakes and improvise. But you always fail!
 8. And some where you know, ” I know I will repeat it again!”
9. You counter- question all the opinions given by others.
10. And even after all this contemplation, you do what you want!
Hence, Jo mann mein aaye wo karo yaar! After all, kuch toh log kahenge.. logo ka kaam hai kehna..

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