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10 Rules Of Girls That Every Guy Should Know Before Their First Date!

Girls! Difficult to handle but impossible to be without. Their magnetic personality attract your attention and willingly or unwillingly you are blown away! And when the first impression is the last one, making it impactful becomes more necessary!

So, here are few tips to understand the girl rules, so that the next time you approach one it goes smooth…

1. Never ask a girl out all alone! Invite her friends for once or twice and then think of a date for two.
2. But the first answer will never be a YES!

3. In support, she might not message you first or reply to you in one go. Expect a reply after few hours. (Only if she is interested.)

4. Coffees are better than the movies to brew conversations!

5. If she wishes to dutch, do it! Keep your “I will pay” for later.

6. Don’t let her hints go unnoticed like, “I really like the place” or “Nice choice of the shirt.”

7. And similarly you also better not forget to compliment her!

8. She will try to be quite and listen more. But get her talkative side out! After all we all know women!

9. Never! Seriously never, talk to her about any other girl. Not even your favorite actress.

10. And yes! It will always start with, “First let’s be friends and then see how things go!”

Try these to be on the safer side and let us know how it went!
Till then all the best.


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