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10 Reasons Why You Need To Thank All Men In Your Life

It’s mostly about women all the time. But why? Their moods, tantrums and their needs. What about men? They occupy half of the population on this planet and holds a very important stand in our lives. We tend to forget to appreciate them but can’t ignore them in any way. Here are few reasons, why you should thank all the men in your life, on this Men’s day:

1. We all had a guy best friend once in our life and they prove to the best of friends.

2. Your dad has been the first and last hero of your life.

3. And when the perfect man enters your life, you are into completely different world.

4. They have been your side, no matter what.

5. Their shoulders and arms are the best place to cry your heart out.

6. Whenever you demand something,they are the first one to get it for you.
7. Bhai  always took the responsibilty to protect you from the odd world out there.

8. You have to agree, they bear all your nagging and ragging with a smile.

9. You wouldn’t have spent so much of time in dressing up, if not complimented by them.

10. Somewhere, we all girls out there know, they are reason for our smiles in every small or big way