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10 Reasons Why We Can’t Imagine Our Lives Without Love

LOVE, only 4 letters but with power of whole universe. Where it remains a constant thing in our lives but its complications and implications keep evolving. No matter what its something we all long to be in and what makes our world go around!

And here are few reasons why we can’t imagine our lives without it, because:
1. Its something you have waited for most of your life!

2. You have been into so many or few bad relations that you value that special ONE.

3. You have invested a lot of time, energy and emotions to make it work.

4. It is a great feeling when people acknowledge you two more as a couple.

5. And the feelings get better when comes the family approval.

6. You have stopped looking for any other person and now it’s only about him/her.

7. You yourself feel the change in you and how you react to life.

8. You don’t mind mending your ways till the time it connects to him/her.

9. Your untold gestures speak more than your words and you feel great when they are understood as well.

10. You left ‘I’ and ‘Me’ long time back and now its always about ‘Us’ ‘We’.


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