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10 Reasons Why Turning 30 Scares You

We live in the era of youth obsessed culture. Nobody wants to grow old! We ladies love to look young and dynamic. If we are not young we are not glowing. Turning 30 is scary for we ladies, suddenly called as “aunty” by kids is a nightmare for us. You can relate to the song “aunty ji …aunty ji..get up and dance”

So ladies here are some evident signs we can relate to if we are turning 30
1. You are not excited about your birthday anymore


2. You feel bright nail paints/sandals and upbeat dresses do not suit you anymore


3. Its time to use anti-aging creams, go for regular facials to keep your skin young


4. It seems marriage is a distant dream now


5. You turning 30 you need new lingerie


6. Your 30th birthday is just ahead …you need a new makeover: a decent haircut


7. You feel many people by the time they were 30 have achieved more than you , who is turning 30 now


8. You feel stupid not to have own kids and husband


9. You think just because you are turning 30 you are turning old


10. You think it’s exhausting to be matured and a walking talking adult

Well gals Turning 30!!. is amusing and heart-warming, you take on as a single young woman journey of finding yourself , discovering love when it is meant for you.

Being 30 you blossoming into a woman of substance…
enjoy !!