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10 Reasons Why Men Do Not Win in Arguments with Their Women!

Many men struggle with their beloveds and wives during arguments and wonder why she always wins. We know men are not cowards or incapable. History sings glories of emperors and kings who fought and conquered many enemies. However, even kings failed when they stood against a woman. We all have witnessed stories about how some women inspired their men to win the world while others had that ability to make them renounce the worldly pleasures and become ascetics. Only hope for these men could have been some secret ‘Save-the-men’ Clubs, through which they might have found some way out.

She continues to win daily arguments and he is getting more curious thinking why and how that is happening. So here is to all men who are losing the battle- the ten obscure yet significant details that provide the answer to your queries!

1. When as a boy you were busy boxing and fighting physically with your enemies or brothers, she was busy in verbal wars, honing her tongue. She rarely punched or abused but she rarely lost.
2. When you were busy admiring her beauty and enchantingly saying yes to her demands, she was busy studying your temperaments.
3. When you were busy in those football/cricket matches and gym sessions, she was having a girls’ time and advancing to experiences that are more complex.
4. Remember only women’s tears can soften the rock. She is very much aware of the fact and her soft heart cries genuinely when you seem to be winning. Game over!
5. Her brain can’t resist arguments; she is creatively aggressive and can very much jump from one mistake of yours to another just to prove you wrong!
6. She has a charm and you should admit you are completely enchanted and spellbound with that. In her anger too she looks like some Greek goddess.
7. Making her lose means no food today. Men would prefer a lost battle to a famished day
8. Even worse no love tonight.
9. Men love silence and peace at homes after all their hectic day at work-field. They have always preferred boxing to arguments, wrestling shows over daily soaps. Women call those fights inhuman, and prefer verbal taunts – you know who the queen at home is now!
10. When you are apart- her friends help her out by sharing their own winning glory from last battles with their men. Hush!

On a serious note, we women can get cranky and spiteful when we see injustice or some real problem or while going through hormonal imbalances but we do admire and very much love the men in our lives. Cheers to all men who let us win, who logically try to understand our perspective and love us dearly besides loving peace and food…

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